I like mixing something NEW

with second hand or vintage stuff.

As you may know (or see):

I try to make my wardrobe (and basically my life) fair and minimalist.

Not always easy, but quite manageable.

For example I ask myself:

 Do I need it or do I want it?

If I need something I try to buy fair and minimalist in color and cut.

If I want something I try to get it second hand.

And yes, I know:

„need“ is a very flexible concept…


basic tee  //  dr.denim via A/T STORE  (this is something I need)

shorts  //  old levis, second hand and diy (this is something you can get second hand)

bag  //  second hand via willhaben.at (definitly something I just wanted and did get for 5€ )

sunglasses  //  no name, second hand (well, how many sunglasses do I need? this one I got from my grandfather, but I would definitly invest in one well-fitting sunglasses!)

sandals  //  ancient greek sandals, handmade and fair produced (this is something I definitly wanted, but also need. Sandals for summer – besides my good old birkenstock – are a good investment)

I would appreciate to get to know you – so comment and share your thoughts with me!

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